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Author Topic: Konami Announces Castlevania Game for iPhone  (Read 580 times)
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Konami Announces Castlevania Game for iPhone

If you mention Castlevania to gamers of a certain age, you'll recieve a quiet grunt of recognition, as they rub their NES controller-scarred thumbs and recall the bullwhip and buttwhipping goodness of one of the best platformers to ever waste anyone's time. Just like the creatures of the night you wage war with throughout the series, Castlevania just keeps coming back for more. Including localized versions,  there have been 36 different editions of the game.That count moved just a smidgen closer to 40 today, with Konami's announcement of an iPhone and iPod touch exclusive version of the title. Konami, who has been known to switch things up in the past with their App Store renditions of classic franchaises in the past, have released that the latest title in the Castlevania series will be an RPG called Encore of the Night and will include puzzle elements. Whether that puts it closer to Puzzle Quest or Super Puzzle Fighter is anyone's guess.The screen mashers over at TouchArcade speculate that game will be titled Encore of the Night will be available in ther App Store in the near future.
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