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Author Topic: Hulu: No Plans for HTML5 in the Immediate Future  (Read 551 times)
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Hulu: No Plans for HTML5 in the Immediate Future

When Hulu put up a statement today declaring that the company has no immediate plans to shift their content from a Flash-based affair over to a little processor friendly HTML5 goodness, Jedi the world over felt a great disturbance in The Force, as if millions of iPad owners suddenly cried out and then fell silent.According to Hulu's president Eugene Wei, the decision wasn't made based on any love of Flash or disdain for a new web standard:"We continue to monitor developments on HTML5, but as of now it doesn’t yet meet all of our customers' needs," Wei wrote. "Our player doesn’t just simply stream video, it must also secure the content, handle reporting for our advertisers, render the video using a high performance codec to ensure premium visual quality, communicate back with the server to determine how long to buffer and what bitrate to stream, and dozens of other things that aren't necessarily visible to the end user."Sadly, Wei's statement means that we won't be seeing Hulu streaming to an iPhone or iPad any time soon. Don't worry though: AppleInsider is here to comfort you. Bloggers for the site speculate that a Hulu App will suface sooner or later, even if it does follow a monthly subscription model.
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