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Author Topic: Image Metadata Hints at Second Camera on iPhone  (Read 498 times)
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Image Metadata Hints at Second Camera on iPhone

Sure, you’ve seen the leaked photos and video of what everyone assumes is the next iPhone, but maybe you still don’t believe that a front-facing camera will be included? Read on for more evidence.TUAW got a tip from a Twitter follower overnight that will be of interest to potential buyers of the next-generation iPhone. While snapping some photos with his 4.0 beta-enabled iPhone, he spied a curious tag in the picture’s metadata which refers to “Back Camera” -- which of course, is the only one that currently exists on an iPhone, so why would Apple include such detail in the photo?The obvious answer, of course, is that there will soon be a device available which probably includes a “Front Camera,” and this metadata is used to differentiate between them. That hardware could come as early as next month, when Apple is expected to announce -- and then probably ship within a couple of weeks, if history is any indication -- the next-generation iPhone, which many have dubbed “iPhone HD.”A front-facing camera on the iPhone has long been on many users’ wish lists, and was rumored even during the long six month wait in 2007 between the announcement of the original device and when it actually went on sale. A front-facing camera is nothing new -- it’s featured on many higher-end smartphones from Nokia, for instance -- but its inclusion in something like the iPhone could finally make video calling a reality, assuming that Apple and AT&T don’t charge through the nose for the privilege of using the hardware.There have been many rumors in recent months about an official iChat app for the iPhone, and certainly a front-facing camera would fit into that equation nicely. Here’s hoping the rumors give way to hard facts and we’ll finally get to see what this purported new hardware can do, maybe as early as the WWDC kick-off on June 7th.(Image courtesy of TUAW)
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