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Author Topic: Are The iPhone/iPod Touch The Reason For Recent Slump In PSP/DS Sales?  (Read 508 times)
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Are The iPhone/iPod Touch The Reason For Recent Slump In PSP/DS Sales?

According to iPodNN, new NPD data is revealing that there has been a recent dramatic drop in handheld gaming system sales in April.  One has to wonder if this could be due in part to the coinciding spike in iPhone and iPod touch usage.As a whole, the US console market revenue plunged 27 percent in April, but Nintendo's DS and the Sony PSP made up for 61 percent of that plunge despite them representing a quarter of all revenue.  Nintendo was severely nailed with DS sales having been cut by more than half versus a year ago, coming in at 440,800.Analysts had no readily available explanation for the drop in sales, but it could be due to the fact that both the DS and PSP are age six now.  Or another thought is that with next month's E3 show, some could be waiting for the upcoming 3DS or a PSP 2.More than likely though, it's because of the effects of media players and smartphones, such as the iPod touch and the iPhone.  As most know already, Nintendo claimed that Apple was its only threat in portable gaming, thinking Sony to not be offering up much in the way of competition.Feel free to leave comments below as to what you may think have caused the drop!Image courtesy of
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