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Author Topic: In Case You Missed It: May 9 - May 16  (Read 648 times)
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In Case You Missed It: May 9 - May 16

We're thinking you might have missed some of the great Mac|Life articles  up late this week, since you were so busy gaming your days and nights  away. That's right, it was the week Steam came to Macs, and like some of  us in the office (ahem) you're probably bleary eyed and sleep-deprived  from shooting shooting shooting. So, if you're taking a break  from gaming, why not take a gander at the week's best articles from the  killers over at Mac|Life. Features:- Steam for  Mac--A Beginners Guide to Getting Shot - Yes, that's right, you may have  been already playing, but we've got the best set of tips on how to get  yourself up to speed with your PC brethren. Game on, kids, game on.-  Steam for Mac: How to Navigate Portal - In a second Steam article (can  you tell what we've been doing with ourselves this week?), we'll walk  you through Portal, Steam's very first game for the Mac platform. It may  be brief in comparison, but there's plenty to keep you interested while  you're in it.Reviews:-  Ditch Safari - Install a Faster Browser on Your iPhone - We've had  Opera Mini from the moment it was available, seeing as how most  alternate browsers for the iPhone were built around the Safari WebKit  set up. Yet within that small parameter, developers have delivered a  heaping dish of awesome.-  Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G - You knew this was coming after we reviewed the  Wi-Fi only iPad. Introducing the 3G. It is the sweetness, of course,  though there's been reports of difficulties setting up the 3G account.  Our advice in a nutshell: if you don't think you're going to be using 3G  on a regular basis, use that extra $130 bucks to upgrade on memory  size. How-Tos:-  Final Cut Pro Screencast: Animate From the Canvas Window - Probably one  of our easiest laid out tutorials ever, we walk you through the process  (in full! living! color! video!) of how to animating objects directly  from the canvas window in Final Cut Pro. -  Store iMovie Events & Projects on an External Drive - We love  making movies on iMovie (see above) but what about moving those memory  hogging events and projects off our Mac's hard drive and on to an  external where we can keep it? Once again, no problems when you ask the  pros at Mac|Life.News:You  want to see the most tricked out iPad you've laid eyes on yet? Well  check out this Stuart Hughes pimped out beauty....however, what you  won't be getting an eyeful of in the beauty category are a bit more  risque photos from fashion magazines as publishers self-censor to keep  Steve Jobs from getting all hotted up....something else you won't be  seeing on iPad's any time soon? Hulu, as the company takes a pass on  HTML5 for the time being...although Boxee is making all the right noises for a little mobile video lovin for iPads and (dare we dream it?) maybe  even iPhones...what you will see, if you watch this video, is just how  much touch the iPad can react to at one go; hmmm, ten fingers plus one  something or other -- shhhhh, don't tell Steve! other touch  goodness, one enterprising fellow got all Magic Mousey with his iPad and  it's looking promising to us....and finally, this new Apple commercial  for the iPad is making some of us nostalgic for ye olden days of the  Newton.In  our other favorite portable device news, we're getting dangerously  close to WWDC which means iPhone 4 rumors are reaching fever pitch. For  instance, it is said that the new handset is heading for  production....and since another supposed fourth generation handset has  turned up in Vietnam (good luck getting that one back) with a few  differences from the Gizmodo one, we're thinking it's pretty darn close  too...speaking of the Gizmodo saga, turns out the iPhone "finder" got  turned in by his roommate; what a swell guy he must be to live  with...back to rumors, according to some metadata analysis from the new  OS, it looks like front facing cameras are headed our way in one fashion  or another...also hopefully headed our way? Wi-Fi based syncing; that'd  be a good reason why Apple rejected this fantastic app...what we'd most  like to see for the iPhone? how about a data plan like what they do in  Spain? one plan for your iPad and iPhone? how about it AT&T, huh,  huh?...and since AT&T has done a little rollback of their  eligibility, that seems like a sign of something on the horizon, no?...Another  day, another Apple-related lawsuit, even if this is where we talk about  apps now. The app in question? iBookstore apparently has too much  control according to some European laws...elsewhere around the courts,  it looks like AT&T and Apple both are going to patent court as a  result of mobile good app news, Apple's already made with  some update lovin' to those of you who bought iWork apps...other good app  news? You could be the winner of the legendary Box of Mystery in this  month's Mac|Life iPad app contest by just telling us what kind of app  you'd love to we're definitely glad to see is Square's free  app that lets us charge people's credit cards for the privilege of  basking in our presence, or, you know, buying something of real value  from us....another app we're glad to see showing up? Castlevania is  making its way to the App Store, but what's this about puzzles?
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