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Author Topic: Apple Catches Major Edge in the Global Mobile Market  (Read 693 times)
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Apple Catches Major Edge in the Global Mobile Market

Apple has managed to catch the edge in two different realms of the mobile world. First up, the 8.75 million iPhone units shipped in the first three months of 2010 knocked Motorola out of its top spot, according to iSuppli. Apple came out victorious in sixth place in the world, whereas Motorola only managed to muster eighth place. "The smartphone market has become manufacturer's new focus for greater profit," said the report from iSuppli. The latest numbers show the smartphone's stronghold on the mobile market, and that Apple is quite the contender. On that note, Apple is also taking reign in the corporate market. The UK-based bank, Standard Chartered, is replacing its employee's Blackberry phones with Apple iPhones. This move could be in part of a bigger movement, with bankers and other corporate bigwigs following suit. Standard Chartered bankers in Asia told Reuters that it is giving the option of using a Blackberry or an iPhone, with the company agreeing to continue comping the monthly bill for business-related phone calls and data plans.The big migration from RIM to Apple began a month ago, notes a spokeswoman for the bank, though she was unaware of when the switchover would be complete. "If more companies switch to the iPhone, this is of course bad news for RIM," said IT industry analyst Lu Chialin to Reuters. "However, it will take a long time for companies to do their own internal testing before deciding to change, so it will be a while before it has any effect on RIM."All of this is very positive news for the Cupertino-based computer manufacturer, as mobile devices can now be added as one of Apple's main exports.
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