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Author Topic: Google Planning On Taking On Government If AdMob Deal Gets Blocked  (Read 526 times)
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Google Planning On Taking On Government If AdMob Deal Gets Blocked

Google head Eric Schmidt told Reuters on Tuesday that the search engine conglomerate is planning on fighting the U.S. government "very hard" if regulators should happen to block their acquisition of AdMob.Schmidt states that he thinks AdMob has been left to a "significant disadvantage" when it comes to going head to head with rivals like Apple because of the hiatus since regulators had first reviewed the $750 million purchase that had been announced in November.  Schmidt thinks there will be a decision within in a few weeks.When asked what Google's intentions were if the FTC should block the deal, he said they would put up a hard fight.  "It's a very strategic acquisition for Google."While Google grabs most of its profits from search advertising, as of late they have tried to focus more on a future in wireless phones as well as software.Because of that focus, they have been more in step with competing with Apple and their iPhone, which also made a jump into mobile advertising with purchasing Quattro Wireless back in January.Google is also crying foul that Apple had changed the terms of service for iPhone application developers to block them from using Apple's tool for building programs as well as releasing various pieces of iPhone data to third party groups.Schmidt claimed that the changes Apple had announced were "discriminatory against other partners.""It would be better if the AdMob acquisition can be approved to see if Google can get a more competitive market in the iPhone platform," he said.Most also know that Schmidt had previously been a member of Apple's Board of Directors, but had stepped down last August as Google and Apple were apparently headed in different directions.  Schmidt said that he and Steve Jobs continue to be good friends, but will still be rivals."The relationship will continue to be complicated," he notes.Image courtesy of
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