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Author Topic: Sam Mendes Directing New iPhone Commercial, Video Chat Confirmed?  (Read 439 times)
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Sam Mendes Directing New iPhone Commercial, Video Chat Confirmed?

(Image courtesy of Engadget)Sure, we all know a new iPhone is coming, and based on recent leaks it seems fairly certain that some kind of video chat will be included. But a television commercial for the unannounced device, directed by Sam Mendes? That’s new.Late on Monday, Engadget broke a new story regarding Apple’s next iPhone, which puts American Beauty director Sam Mendes “in the process of putting together a series of commercials” for the as-yet unannounced device. Engadget’s tipster went so far as to specifically mention “at least one spot” with a mother and daughter having a “video chat conversation” by way of that swanky new front-facing camera exposed by Gizmodo and others.Lending credence to the tipster’s comments, Engadget conducted a search of Twitter and turned up at least a couple of tweets related to a new Apple spot indeed directed by Mendes, such as the one posted above. It seems that actress is up for a role in a New York-based commercial, while another tweeter based in Los Angeles mentions he’s off to a commercial audition there.“We don't know much more than that, but we're fairly confident that this confirms video chat is coming to the next iPhone, and that that said iPhone isn't very far from our grasp,” Engadget concludes, alluding to Steve Jobs’ keynote address at WWDC on June 7, which is widely expected to feature an official unveiling of the new iPhone.Gee, remember just a few weeks back when it was “iPad, iPad, iPad” all the time? Goes to show you the trusty ol’ iPhone still has some rumor power left...
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