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Author Topic: Dazzboard syncs media in the browser, now supports Firefox and Chrome  (Read 555 times)
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Dazzboard syncs media in the browser, now supports Firefox and Chrome

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It's an article of faith that Mac users prefer iPhones to other smartphones... right? But if we allow that there might be a cohort of Android users on the Mac (not to mention WinMobile and Windows Phone 7 aficionados), chances are they are going to be looking for some simple solutions to help with media and app management. Without iTunes support for these phones, anyone looking for a local sync tool for shared content between computer and phone is probably heading for a DoubleTwist install (still free to download and use, by the way).

At least, there wasn't another solid option besides DoubleTwist, until Dazzboard came along. The browser-based 'media webtop' has been available for Windows browsers for a while. It added Safari/Mac OS X compatibility a few weeks ago, and today we have an exclusive TUAW tidbit: support has been extended to both Firefox 3.6 and the Chrome beta on the Mac.

With the required plugin installed, the Dazzboard site allows you to easily drag and drop media and applications onto scores of phones; in fact, it supports almost anything with a USB Mass Storage mode. The web tool lets you organize music, apps and images with all your non-iPhone devices, and provides one-click posting to social networks or other destinations if you feel like sharing.

You can see a demo of the Dazzboard interface here, and if you choose to sign up for the beta it's free of charge. While the smooth integration of the iTunes/iPhone ecosystem may be a pipe dream, with Dazzboard at least your other devices have a fighting chance for sync savvy.
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