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Author Topic: ADVICE REQUIRED: New deal at FutureShop Canada looks good for Hackintosh...  (Read 3642 times)
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« on: August 07, 2009, 03:25:22 pm »

Hi gang,

Can someone in the know take a look at THIS puppy:

...and please comment on whether this is a good candidate for a Hackintosh. At $229 Canadian it looks like a steal - comes with 1GB, N270, GMA 950, 16GB SSD, which is passable.

It looks like an HP Mini 9, but I think it states that it's a model 1115NR, which I've never heard of. Specs sound about right though...

Also - one thing I've always wanted to know: I assume you can swap out the SSDs on these Netbooks for a standard 2.5" hard drive, right? Are you just stuck with the form factor of an SSD?

Thanks in advance peeps!
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