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Author Topic: Never ever send your mac to repair at Desa Park City of Malaysia.  (Read 3564 times)
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« on: September 07, 2009, 10:41:42 am »

Just want to share some bad experience on the shop at Desa Park City. "A Dog Giggle" computer centre doing Macintosh sales & services. I was bought mac mini power adapter from him through Lelong. After that I sent over my mac mini to install OS but he keep offering me to install other software but I refuse. Then he offer me to upgrade the memory. That's the nightmare begin.....

My mac mini was with sound before change the memory. The Manager who change the memory for my mac insert not compatible memory the first time but the sound still working. After send back to change a workable memory, no more sound. If use the headphone jack do have sound meaning that the sound card still working.

The stupid fella send my mac mini to Apple Service Centre and tell me that need to change a part which cost RM300. The Manager pretend to be nice and offer me he will bear 50%.

I refuse it and ask him to bear all the cost but he said that's the best they can do. He told me all the service centre have the same rules which they will not responsible for other failure of the device after repair. He give me an example if you send a computer with power supply failure, after he change the power supply found out motherboard have problem. Will him going to bear the cost? My Godness... This is what potential fraud begin. Mac computer when start up sure have a sound "TENG". The first day I bought my mac mini to him at his office when start up do have sound and he know it. Now talk nonsense to me. He thought I'm dummy in Mac and I.T.

No choice have to take back my mac mini but after use for a week, the sound driver gone, no sound card found. Worst of all, the mac mini switch off by itself. I take up the cpu and found that very hot at the bottom only then I realize the fan not working. My godness!

Damn... Don't ever go to this shop and you will regret. The Manager not good in repair Macintosh. He open my mac mini case until all scratch around and not honest at all to confess is his fault for the sound and fan.
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