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Author Topic: Firefox Home Coming to the App Store--But What About the Browser?  (Read 419 times)
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Firefox Home Coming to the App Store--But What About the Browser?

If you're like us, you've probably been waiting for a Mozilla-based Firefox browser to come to the App Store for quite some time. Unfortunately, that dream won't become a reality anytime soon, though there is a Firefox Home app en route to the iPhone that will enable Firefox users to sync their bookmarks, history and tabs to their mobile devices. Still, it's not a Mozilla-based web browser. We're wondering why we've been left behind in the sphere of thought. Does it have to do with Apple's App Store rules? Are Web Kit browsers the only ones allowed on the iPhone? Does Mozilla just favor Scandinavia and the rest of Northern Europe (Nokia is getting the Firefox browser…)?According to the official MozillaWiki, the company does not currently have plans to ship the full Firefox browser to the iPhone because of the "constraints with the OS environment and distribution." We're guessing that this refers to the App Store, but you never know.Well, at least it'll be easier to continue your web browsing on the go, even if the browser you're using is not at all Mozilla-based. At this point, there's nothing more we want in life than a Mozilla-based web browser on our favorite mobile iDevices. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or watch the demo video! Via Mozilla Blog
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