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Author Topic: In Case You Missed It: May 24 - May 30  (Read 501 times)
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In Case You Missed It: May 24 - May 30

Hello? Is this thing on? Is there anyone out there? Echo! Echo! Echo!Okay,  okay, we get it. It's Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the  summer. No one's sitting inside on their computer, are they? Heck no,  they're grilling up fun, lounging in the sun, putting a dog in a bun.  Well, just in case you're not one of those people, or you're not from  the States, here's the week's best stories from the vacationing kids of  Mac|Life.Features:- Seven Hidden Features of the  iPad Camera Connection Kit - Sometimes cliches exist for a reason, like  the saying "good things come in small packages." In this case, the tiny  Camera Connection Kit for the iPad. At just $29, this wonder gizmo gives  you USB keyboards, headphones, and microphones, as well as importing  photos from other sources, even your iPhone. No doubt some enterprising  techies are hard at work maxing out that doodad dongle.-  15 Things We Might See at WWDC 2010 - Sure, everyone is expecting the  fourth generation iPhone, but what else? What else? There's so many  sweet things Apple could pull out of their bag, from high quality  upgrades to improved services to hardware refreshes. Here's our guesses  as most likely to be unveiled. How-Tos:-  57 Ways To Supercharge Your Browser - Extensions, add-ons, scripts, and  bookmarklets -- oh my! Your browser is pretty much your most important  piece of computer software. If you can't find something in this list of  57 pieces of genius tweaks to make it even sweeter, than you have our  respect.-  iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week - The start of a regular feature to  fill in the gaps of your knowledge, our Pros show you some hidden  functionalities and tips and tricks to bring a smile to your  mobile-lovin' face.  Reviews:-  Pacific Defense - Just be glad this app wasn't responsible for winning  World War II. A killer idea with a few weak execution points, Pacific  Defense feels like a game that would have benefited from a couple more  months of tweaks and refinements.-  Fitbit - While the device itself was pretty slick, the website  interface of this fitness gadget had way, way, waaaaayyy too much junk  in the trunk. Sure, you can know exactly how many steps you took and how  much you tossed and turned in your sleep, but what's the organizing  principle that makes all of this data hang together? We're still  wondering. News:Hardware  seemed all the rage lately, what with iPad's shipping internationally,  it seemed the domestic news turned to other gadgetry. First there's the  rumor that Apple TV might finally shift from "hobby" to "serious  product" as Engadget drops a hot item in our laps...hardware and  software are all the rumors for the upcoming WWDC...not a rumor, repeat,  not a rumor, Apple once again begins its annual back to school push to  get Macs (and iPod touches) into the hands of first year students...and  students of gadgets, hardware, and mechanized geekery of all kind were  out in full force at Maker Faire, where robots stole our hearts...just  like Elgato's EyeTV, which is no Apple TV, but is a lovely, sweet little hookup  for our favorite shows right there on our computers. Now we just need to  decide in which room we want to watch our summer reruns...Even  though Apple and Adobe keep sniping at each other, the software maker  still wants to cozy up to Apple devices, and they're asking users if  they'd like PSDs on the iPad. What do you think?...also getting some  iPad love lately? Our friends overseas, as sales of the must-have gadget  go global...and for a little multinational friendly advice, try Velcro if you want your iPad to stick know who really loves the  iPad? The Japanese, with fans lined up around the block, sleeping on the  street, days before the release. That's right -- days...perhaps they're  just as excited as we are for the classic arcade game Karate Champ  coming to the iPad in HD glory...I mean, it's not like they're lining up  just because Barnes & Noble just released their e-reader app for  the iPad is it?... Whether it's for kicks or books, we can't say. What  we can say, is it is definitely not for NBC or Time Warner shows, as  both companies nix the idea of content on the iPad. Another killer  decision from NBC execs, and they make so many of them...It's not like  the devices are all that popular right? I mean, Apple's only ramping up  production to 2.5 million units per month, so how much could NBC lose  out on? Never mind, we don't want to know.In  other corporate news, according to AT&T a whopping 40% of iPhone  sales are going to corporate accounts, positioning the device to really  make serious headway in the enterprise sphere... of course, they could  end up losing 40% of their total customers if a Verizon iPhone shows up  any time soon...of course, the recent class action lawsuit the carrier  settled unlocks tons of AT&T phones, just not iPhones or  Blackberries... because the rumor mill is in high gear again, predicting  Verizon and Sprint iPhones this very year; we'll believe it when we see a quick one two, first Morgan Stanley predicts that the iPhone  3GS will sell for $99 this year, then a tiny bit later, Wal-Mart  announced they'd begin selling the 3GS for $97; if that's not a fourth  generation iPhone announcement, we don't know what is...finally, in less  pleasant business news, Apple finally speaks out about the spate of  suicides at the plant of their Foxconn manufacturing partner. Enough  talk, we'd like to see some action, Cupertino.
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