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Author Topic: Video: Steve Jobs on Stage at Tuesday Night’s D8 Conference  (Read 645 times)
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Video: Steve Jobs on Stage at Tuesday Night’s D8 Conference

As previously announced, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage Tuesday night to kick off the eighth annual D: All Things Digital conference (aka D8), and he chatted with his hosts on a range of topics past, present and future.9to5Mac has collected what they call “the seven revelations of Steve Jobs” from Tuesday night’s D8 interview, complete with video clips for each (ironically, the videos are in Flash, which was one of the topics of conversation).The first video on deck discusses Gizmodo and the lost/stolen iPhone prototype, which Jobs makes it quite clear that he’s none too happy about.The second video discusses the CEO’s recent missive on Adobe Flash and other “obsolete tech.”The third video brings up the subject of Google, which Jobs mostly refuses to get nasty over, then discusses the origin of the iPad, which supposedly came before the iPhone.The fourth video goes over Apple’s relationship with AT&T, which is more defending the telco rather than criticizing them.The fifth video goes into Jobs’ thoughts on cracking into the living room with the Apple TV and other such devices.The sixth video goes deeper into Google and Android and how Apple’s relationship with the company has been affected now that they’re competitors.Finally, the seventh video discusses the forthcoming iAd platform and analytics firm Flurry, who appears to have made an enemy with Apple.Fascinating stuff, but we were disappointed that there wasn’t something new shown off, like Jobs did in 2007 with an update to Apple TV. Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday for his WWDC keynote…(Image & video courtesy of AllThingsD and 9to5Mac)
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