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Author Topic: iTunes TuneUp Bundle For Only $30 [40% Discount]  (Read 529 times)
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iTunes TuneUp Bundle For Only $30 [40% Discount]

I’m willing to bet that your iTunes library is a mess. You ripped CDs from your collection and you’ve got a lot songs that are labeled: “Track 3” from “Unknown Artist.” And I don’t even want to get into cover art. On your Mac you can quickly skim through songs, but on your iPhone (and especially if you use iTunes Match like I do) it’s a different matter entirely.
Today is the day to make a stand. Today is the day you decide that you will not have an iTunes library you’re embarrassed to show your friends (sorry it can’t help with that Yanni collectors edition you have stashed away). Today is the day you fix your iTunes library with TuneUp. Today’s deal is is for one of the top iTunes plugins and you can get it now for just $30.
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