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Author Topic: Live Blog: WWDC 2010 Keynote  (Read 512 times)
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Live Blog: WWDC 2010 Keynote

Join us as we take part in the annual WWDC keynote presented by Apple CEO, and email-pen-pal to the people, Steve Jobs. We'll begin the live blog at 10am PDT on Monday, June 7. Be amazed at the up-to-the-minute updates with photos in blazing color! If you can't follow the live blog on the site, maybe your boss hates it when you're experiencing joy and has blocked access to the greater Internet, you can follow us on Twitter for simultaneous updates, get those browsers ready for mega excitement, it's going to be wonderful.----------------------------------- 11:55: And that's it for today's keynote! Thanks for sticking with us and stay tuned to the site for more info!11:54: Steve recognizing all the teams at Apple who worked on the iPhone 4 and iOS 4.11:51: Video about the phone's design is pretty neat. We're sure it'll be on later, worth a watch.11:44: No multitasking on the 3G with iOS4. First-gen iPod touch won't support iOS 4. iOS 4 is free on June 21.11:44: Apple selling a dock, a "bumper" to protect the stainless steel edge. $29.11:42: 5 countries up first, plus 18 more in July. @MacFormat won't have to wait, UK is up first.11:42: iPhone 4 preorders start June 15, a week from tomorrow.11:42: iPhone 3GS 8GB for $99. iPhone 4 for $199/$299. ON SALE JUNE 24.11:41:  AT&T making "an incredibly generous upgrade offer." Any contract expiring in 2010 is eligible if you top up your contract for 2 years.$199 16GB, same as 3GS. $299 for 32GB.11:40: "So that is the iPhone 4. We're really proud of it." Comes in black or white.11:39: FaceTime uses H.264 video, AAC audio. Apple making it an open industry standard.11:39: "This is one of those moments that reminds us why we do what we do." -Steve Jobs11:37: Commercial to show off the feature, and make far-away parents and grandparents feel guilty. Your babies miss you!!!!11:36: FaceTime is Wi-Fi only in 2010. "We need to work a little bit with the cellular providers." Giggles.11:35: You can use the front or rear camera, and switch back and forth. Portrait or landscape.11:35: Apple calls this FaceTime, "and it's great." iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, anywhere there is Wi-Fi. No setup required.11:34: Jony's face is a little shaky. I wouldn't be able to keep this up for a long call. They sound like they're about to make out.11:33: Works great. "I grew up with the Jetsons and Star Trek and communicatiors, just dreaming about this. And it's real now."11:33: And there's Jony Ive, on video too! The developers are going wild.11:32: He really wants Wi-Fi devices off. (We're on 3G, although we've been yelled at a couple times, *sheepish face*) Calling up Jony Ive, OOOH VIDEO CALL. SO JETSONS.11:31: One. More. Thing!11:31: Those are the big 8 things. "What do you think so far?" Developers cheer! Yay!11:31: No mention if the bandwidth for delivering these ads eats into users' data plans, which are now of course limited.11:30: iAds will be turned on for all iOS devices on July 1. Apple's already sold $60 million worth.11:28: Nissan Leaf iAd, for an upcoming electric car, features infographic, contest, video, animation...11:27: iAds demo is pretty slick. Interactive, with commercial-quality video.11:23: iAds is built into iOS 4, for devs to build them into their apps. Apple sells and hosts the ads. Devs get 60% of revenue.11:22: iAds keep users in the app, instead of kicking you out to a Web browser when you tap one.11:21: Big thing #8: iAds. (And there's the obligatory Toy Story 3 reference.)11:21: Steve stresses to devs that they have 150 million accounts, with credit cards "ready to buy your apps."11:20: PDFs kept on a separate bookshelf. Viewer has thumbnails along the bottom for jumping around.11:19: Steve demos iBooks on iPhone with Winnie the Pooh. Looks nice. Shows off highlighting, notes, bookmarks, TOC.11:17: Wireless syncing of iBooks, buy once and read on any iDevice. Keeps track of your place, syncs bookmarks and notes.11:16: Same books, bookshelf, PDF reading, iBookstore.11:15: Big thing #7: iBooks coming to the iPhone with iOS 4.Next month Apple will sell the 100 millionth iOS device.11:12: New folder system for organizing apps. Drag one icon to another to create a folder. Auto-named for the apps' category, or you can rename.New features in Mail: Unified inbox. Threaded conversation view. Shows off how quickly you can switch apps, each app's last state remembered. Swipe to the right for audio controls for any audio app, in this case Pandora. Demos starting now; Steve launching Pandora. He's got all his Wi-Fi bars now. Yosemite website loads right up as Pandora plays, to huge applause. IOS 4 has a great user interface for switching apps, controlling audio, and locking orientation. Over 100 new user features, the biggest being multitasking. They took their time to make sure they got it right, so it won't kill battery life.11:10: Big feature #6: iPhone OS 4, renaming it iOS 4. "Our most ambitious release to date."11:06: OK, we're going dark for 5 minutes. Steve's orders.11:05: OMG he's telling me to stop live blogging. Seriously!!!11:04: Big feature #6. "We figured out why my demo crashed. ... There are thousands of Wi-Fi base stations operating in this room."11:03:  iMovie will cost $4.99 "if we approve it." HA HA HA.11:02: Switching themes automatically updates theme transitions. Export up to 720p. Very cool.11:01: Geolocation data added to videos, which iMovie can detect. Use your own music or built-in theme music.11:00AM: Drag pins to shorten clips. Add photos, audio, clips stored on the phone. Ken Burns effect on photos. Uncluttered interface.10:58: Themes, transitions, titles, sharing.10:58: iMovie for iPhone! You can edit videos right in the phone. Chief architect Randy Ubillos will demo it.10:57: Tap to focus, built-in video editing, one-click sharing. LED flash will stay on while you record.10:56: Oh, and the camera records HD video. 720p at 30 fps. "So it's real HD video."10:56: Shows off great-looking, unretouched photos "taken by our employees." Prototypes, huh? Neat.10:55: 5X digital zoom, Tap to focus. LED flash built in.10:54: 5-megapixel sensor. Backside-illuminated sensor. Pixels kept the same size, 1.75 microns, to capture same amt of photon10:54: 5th big feature: New camera system. Instead of megapixels, let's ask how to take better pictures.10:53: Sensor rundown: Gyro, acceleromater, compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor. Mmm, sensory.10:52: "I practiced this a little bit." The concentration is fierce.10:52: Big oohs and ahs as Steve shows off the gyro with a Jenga-ish game, slowly spinning on stage. (He looks silly.)10:51: Demo of it now.10:50: 3-axis gyro with pitch, roll, yaw, rotation around gravity. tied to accelerometer and compass for 6-axis motion sensing. New APIs too.10:50: 4th big feature: Gyroscope!10:49: up to 32GB storage. quad-band HSDPA/HSUPA 7.2Mbps down, theoretical.10:48: A4's power management plus bigger battery = 40% better talk time at 7 hours. 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 over Wi-Fi. 10 hours video, 40 hours music, 300 hours standby.10:48: Shows an inside view of the iPhone 4. Points out the A4, the microSIM, the huge Li-ion battery. Two mics, speaker, etc,10:47: 3rd big feature: A4 chip inside.10:46: iPhone OS 4 renders the text in existing apps in the higher resolution for the retina display. Steve suggests devs update their images too.10:45: Retina display packs 78 percent of the pixels on an iPad.10:44: 3.5-inch display, 960x640 (4x more pixels) 800:1 contrast ratio, also 4x beter. IPS technology.10:43: "Scott, you got any suggestions?" Voice from crowd: "VERIZON!"Shows the difference in Camera Roll instead of at Oh well.10:42: Jokingly asks devs to get off the Wi-Fi.10:41: "Well, geez. I don't like this."Devs laughing at his demo troubles. Ruh roh.NYT loading very slowly. iPhone 3GS loading it faster than iPhone 4. Steve annoyed at network slowness.10:40: "We had to get special projectors for this!" Pixel-for-pixel demo. The retina display is sharp and crisp.10:40: Live demo of retina display, side by side with iPhone 3GS "which has a widely praised display on it." I wonder which will be better?!?!10:39: "Once you use the retina display you can't go back." --Steve Jobs10:38: "It turns out there's a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch" where your eye can't even see the pixels anymore, at 10 inches.10:37: Text is much sharper. 326 pixels per inch on this display. The audience is super impressed.10:36: Second: Retina display. Increases pixel density with 4 times as many in the same space.10:35: The black slits use the stainless steel band around the iPhone as part of the antenna system. In the structure of the phone.10:34: "Since there have been a few photos floating around, people have asked what's this?" referring to a black band.Second mic on top for noise cancellation.10:33: Front facing camera. Micro SIM tray. Camera and LED flash on the back.10:33: 9.3 millimeters thick. 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. "In fact, it's the thinnest smartphone on the planet." Sure, today.10:32: Glass front and back, stainless steel all around. "Its closest kin is a beautiful, old Leica camera."10:32: "Stop me if you've already seen this." HUGE LAUGHTER. "Believe me: You  ain't seen it."100 new features, Steve will cover 8 of them today. First: An all-new design. 10:32: "This is really hot."10:31: "For 2010, we're going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone."10:31: Steve bragging how the iPhone changed everything. Carriers used to control what went on a phone. There was no App Store! SO PRIMITIVE!10:30: US mobile browser usage, for May 2010: iPhone has 58.2%. (Android 22.7%, RIM 12.7%. Other 6.4%.)10:29: US smartphone market share Q1 2010: 28%. (RIM has 35%. Windows Mobile 19%. Android 9%. Other 9%.)10:28: "Now I'd like to talk about the iPhone."10:28: Devs' 70 percent share of that revenue just crossed $1 BILLION. (Dr. Evil face.) (No, Steve didn't do the Dr. Evil face. That was me.)10:27: Steve's back. 5 billion download achievement unlocked just last week. Go App Store.10:26: The devs in the crowd seem to appreciate Guitar Hero a little more than FarmVille. In case you're keeping score at home. GH is $2.99 in the App Store.10:25: Looks pretty cool, downloadable classic and new tracks. Tapping of course, plus a strumming mechaninc for the multitouch display.10:24: New exclusive Guitar Hero app built for iPod touch and iPhone. Classic and new rock tracks. Downloadable content.10:23: Next up, Activision. Guitar Hero!!!10:23: Coming out by the end of June, for the 1-year FarmVille anniversary.10:21: Push notifications: "Say good-bye to withering crops!" Now FarmVille users don't have to bring laptops to bars, which he claims they do. Audience laughter.10:20: Farmville has 70 million active users, and has raised $2 million for Haiti. Farmville being demoed on the iPhone now. 10:19: Next: Zynga. CEO Mark Pincus here to announce FarmVille for the iPhone.10:17: Start a movie on the TV, resume on the iPhone. Get recommendations. Browse the whole library.10:16: Netflix for iPhone coming this summer for free.Highlighting new apps. First up, Netflix on the iPhone.10:15: He's now highlighting the eBay app. CEO says it'll do $1.5 to $2 BILLION in volume this year.10:14: 3. The app crashes. "I think if you were our shoes, you would be rejecting these apps for the same three reasons."10:14: Three top reasons for rejection: 1. Doesn't function as advertised. 2. Use of private APIs.10:13: 15,000 apps submitted weekly, in 30 languages. 95 percent approved within 7 days.10:12: The second platform is the app store. 225,000 apps "the most vibrant app community on the planet."10:12: "The first one is HTML5. It's a fully open, uncontrolled platform formed by widely respected standards bodies."10:11: Next up: The App Store. "I want to make something really clear. We support two platforms at Apple -- two.""They just look gorgeous. You can navigate through them, flick through them, and they just look gorgeous on the iPad." - Steve on PDFs10:10: And built-in PDF viewing inside the iBooks app.Enhancements to iBooks: Note taking. Your bookmarks, notes, highlights added to TOC.10:09: iBooks: 5 million books downloaded in first 65 days. 5 of the 6 biggest US publishers say the iBookstore has 22% market share of ebooks.10:08: Shot at Google Ads: Elements dev earned more from his iPad app the first day than in  years of Google Ads on periodictable.com10:07: 35 million native apps downloaded so far = 17 per iPad. 8500 native iPad apps. He's showing off some now.10:05: 10 countries today, 19 by the end of July. "We're making iPads as fast as we possibly can."Video montage of news clips announcing the iPad for sale in all those different countries. "Ooh, aah" in many languages.10:04: 2 million sold in 59 days = 1 every 3 seconds10:04: "I know it's magical. I got this email." Shows email from a guy who used the iPad to pick up a girl in a cafe. Ha!10:03: Starts with updates. You've heard of the iPad? "It's an incredible device."10:02: WWDC: 8-day sellout. 5,200 attendees from 57 countries. Sorry to the people who snoozed and lost.10:02AM: We love you, Steve!" heckler. His reply, "Thanks, I think."10:01AM: Warm reception and standing ovation for Mr. Steve Jobs10:00AM: Lights down, here we go!9:52AM: It's almost time...Eagerly awaiting the start of the keynote. 9:26AM: We're in...
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