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Author Topic: Paradox Stainless Steel iPod nano Watchband [Deals Hub]  (Read 386 times)
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Paradox Stainless Steel iPod nano Watchband [Deals Hub]

Have an iPod nano? Do you have a watchband for it? Let me rephrase that, do you have a cool watchband for it. Chances are you probably don’t because most of the iPod nano bands that I’ve seen (including the myriad I saw then I worked for an Apple retailer) just don’t look stylish. Not to mention almost all the bands I’ve seen focus more on being able to snap your nano easily in and out of the band.
I think that’s the wrong approach. If you’re wear your nano as a watch it should look and act like a watch. It should look good. It should feel solid. Looking at today’s deal—Paradox Watch For Your iPod Nano—I think someone has finally got it right.
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