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Author Topic: Skype Is Ready To Roll With FaceTime  (Read 445 times)
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Skype Is Ready To Roll With FaceTime

According to Endgadget, Skype is ready to work with any companies that might want to work with their potential video chatting features as soon as they're ready.Endgadget references someone "on the inside" at Pocket-Lint, saying that Skype "would welcome the opportunity to work with Apple," such as meshing with the FaceTime capabilities into Skype's app.  The source also said that Skype would definitely "welcome the opportunity to work with Apple to bring mobile video calling not only to our many millions of Skype users on iPhone around the world, but also to the countless more making video calls on desktops, TVs and other connected devices."But as with most rumors, no details, nor a timeframe was given, so certainly take it with a grain of salt.  Given though how much FaceTime has to offer, certainly more video calling apps like what Skype offers could be on the horizon.
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