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Author Topic: Where to Find Safari Extensions, Right Now  (Read 505 times)
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Where to Find Safari Extensions, Right Now

(Image courtesy of Constantin Müller)There was a collective sigh of relief on Monday night when Apple released Safari 5 into the wild, particularly over the new ability to install extensions to expand the browser’s possibilities. If you’ve been scratching your head wondering where to find such extensions, wonder no more.An enterprising fellow by the name of Jonas Wisser has started a Tumblr blog to collate new Safari 5 extensions as they’re made available. “A handy list of available Safari extensions to tide you over until Apple opens their gallery,” as Wisser describes his humble site.Among the coolest extensions available less than 48 hours after Safari 5 went live is AdBlock for Safari, a port of of the Chrome version of same by developer Michael Gundlach. The extension adds a button to Safari to control the web-based preferences, and doesn’t seem to bog down the browser like other more hacky ad-blocking solutions available for older versions of Safari.If you like the idea of ad blocking but you’re mostly concerned with Facebook Ads, Connor McKay’s FaceBlock is the answer to your prayers. Install the extension and “FaceBlock will remove the sidebar ads on the Facebook homepage, as well as the ads on user profiles,” according to McKay’s website.GoMBox is another great use of Safari extensions, especially if you frequent Google Image Search and are annoyed every time the site throws you to another page when you just want to check out a photo. “With this extension installed, clicking on a Google Image Search result brings up a lightbox viewer rather than taking you to the page (and away from your search,” explains developer Constantin Müller.Finally, if you’ve used Firefox in the past you might be familiar with InvisibleHand, a shopping helper extension that finds you cheaper prices online (if available), just like magic. You’ll be happy to know that a Safari 5 extension for InvisibleHand is now available, although the developer notes that “it lacks a few bells and whistles” compared to the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer versions.Wisser’s Tumblr blog is getting longer by the day and there’s some great stuff to be found there, either free or as donation-ware. If you’ve already nabbed Safari 5 and are ready to expand your horizons, head to the site and check it out. You can also get regular updates on the site’s Twitter feed as well.
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