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Author Topic: Microsoft: Office 2011 Will Be 32-bit Only  (Read 430 times)
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Microsoft: Office 2011 Will Be 32-bit Only

In a move that simultaneously saddened Mac users and confused computer-illiterate chocolate  affectionados everywhere, Microsoft's Mac Business Unit team has revealed that Mac Office 2011 will be  a 32-bit only application due to the Cocoa infrastructure running it. According to AppleInsider, AppleBU's Jake Hoelter explained that the much anticipated productivity suite would be released at a 32-bit only product, citing the fact that Apple requires an application's interface to be coded entirely in Cocoa before it can be released as a 64-bit product."Our work to increase (Office's) compatibility means we haven’t completed the transition of moving the entire user interface over to Cocoa yet," Hoelter stated. That said, with a great deal of Office 2011's interface and other elements already written in Cocoa, you can be sure that a 64-bit version of the software is in the cards.
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