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Author Topic: Wallace & Gromit are Coming to the iPad  (Read 499 times)
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Wallace & Gromit are Coming to the iPad

In an effort to turn the joy of iPad owners everywhere up to 11, Telltale Inc. has announced the release of their latest episodic endeavor for the iPad: Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort. 

If you're not already familiar with Wallace & Gromit, all you need to know is that their adventures are shorthand for awesome. For their first foray on to the iPad, dynamic inventor and pooch duo opt to build a resort in the basement of their house after their holiday plans are scrapped due to a whack of miserable weather. Given that Telltale's other episodic content, such as the Sam & Max series, has always proven to be a reliable good time, there's little doubt that gamers of all ages will want to consider adding a little Wallace & Gromit to their library. For a little more background on the game or the characters, you'll want to steer your browser on over to Telltale's website, or pay a visit to Aardman, the geniuses behind the Wallace & Gromit characters.

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