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Author Topic: HAND Stylus Might Be The Best Stylus Yet  (Read 350 times)
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« on: October 24, 2012, 07:01:13 pm »

HAND Stylus Might Be The Best Stylus Yet

I’ve tried lots and lots and lots stylii (styluses?) over the years. From some of the original Pogo Sketch models (which I still keep as backup) to the new brush-like models like the BRVSH and I have had some favs (like the Pogo Sketch Pro, which I wore out—or my nephew chewed through), but all of them have been lacking a bit. Some don’t have the right heft, some don’t have a pen clip, others don’t have tips that aren’t precise or responsive, essentially I was still seeking the best yet. When I saw the HAND Stylus on Kickstarter I backed it right away. A retractible nib that even rotates a little bit as you retract it so the tip wears evenly. Precision-made aluminum body like a good mechanical pencil. Pen clip that works with the iPad Smart Cover. It seemed perfect. It took a long, long while to get to me, but it was certainly worth the wait.
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