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Author Topic: iPad mini Review: My New Favorite iPad  (Read 360 times)
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iPad mini Review: My New Favorite iPad

When I first posted my review after a weekend with the iPad mini, I thought it would change my tablet use a little. You know, just reading things, a little email, surf now and then. Oh how wrong I was. The iPad mini has become my primary tablet I use all day, every day. My iPad 4? It sits patiently on its stand, sometimes playing music (but not as often as I have better AirPlay options going and the ChillTab 4 fits so perfectly on my keyboard tray), but mostly just sits there. I use my iPad 4 to write posts, surf when I need more space, and play some games where the bigger screen is a huge plus. Heck I even use my iPad mini as a third screen with Air Display and it does a great job as a little heads up display for email and tweets. So this review after a month of using it, is really talking about how I’ve been using it every day.
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