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Author Topic: Making Dropbox your default folder  (Read 201 times)
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Making Dropbox your default folder

Reader Gil Cranston would like to save a step or two when saving files. He writes:

I’m a pretty happy Dropbox user who spends a lot of time on the road. But I sometimes forget to put the files I’m working on at the office in my Dropbox folder. Any hints on ways to ensure this doesn’t happen?

I can offer a couple, yes. The first is dead simple but it will cost you $35. That $35 solution is St. Clair Software’s Default Folder X. This much-beloved-by-Macworld’s-Dan-Frakes utility allows you to choose a… well, default folder for saving documents within any application.

For example, if the Excel documents you work on are created with your job in mind, you can configure Default Folder so that these documents are saved to your Dropbox folder (or, better yet, a folder within it) by default. What makes this better yet is that Default Folder can create a separate default destination for each application you use (see the image above). So, use an Excel Docs folder within your Dropbox folder for your spreadsheets, Word Docs for those files, and a PDFs Folder for… well, you know.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
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