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Author Topic: Configuring Mountain Lion's Users & Groups  (Read 139 times)
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Configuring Mountain Lion's Users & Groups

Throughout these Mac 101 lessons I’ve made references to your user folder, your account, and Administrators. And it’s possible that you’ve taken it on faith that I’ll explain what these things are and how they fit into all that is the Mac OS. Now is that time.

Mountain Lion, as was every other version of OS X before it, is a multiuser operating system. Think of it this way: You have a house and within it there are rooms for you, your mate, your daughter, and your son. Each room is arranged and decorated by the person who inhabits it. All your stuff is in your room and when you close the door, the other people living in that house have no idea what you’re doing with your stuff.

Now replace “house” with “Mac OS” and “room” with “user” and you’ve got the idea. You can have multiple user accounts on a single Mac, and each user has access to the applications on that Mac as well as their stuff—documents, movies, music, and so on.
About user accounts
But like a family living in a house, in this multiuser operating system some users have more power (or privileges) than others. Mom gets to tell Sis when to go to bed. Sis tells little Biffy that he’s a gross little pig. And Dad gets to sit on the couch and spend his leisure time watching men bashing into one another and courting concussions. Let’s walk through the different kinds of users that can inhabit your Mac along with the powers they possess.
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