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Author Topic: Where to buy an old Mac Pro  (Read 147 times)
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Where to buy an old Mac Pro


Maybe you really love the aluminum tower design, and “cheese grater” is a term of endearment; maybe you really want a Mac that houses all of your storage devices and expansion cards internally, regardless of its processing power. Whatever your reason, if you still want to buy the iconic aluminum tower Mac Pro, your time is running out.

Mac Pro enthusiasts love the internal installation options of the old tower design.

Apple has removed the old Mac Pro from its online Apple Store, replaced by the new cylindrical Mac Pro set to ship in December, though you can’t order it yet. The online Apple Store shows the new model’s $2999 and $3999 options, with no configurator to see any further customization options or prices.

As such, if you still want to buy an older Mac Pro directly from Apple before the new ones debut, you’ll have to shop online at the Refurbished Store. At the time of this writing, Apple offers five different models, only one from the June 2012 revision cycle. The other four models are from August 2010.
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