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Author Topic: Video: Apple Was Right, Adobe Get Over It  (Read 1103 times)
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Video: Apple Was Right, Adobe Get Over It

(Image courtesy of TechCrunch)As quickly as iPhone OS 4.0 was shown off, developers and critics alike began a debate over the infamous “Section 3.3.1” which appears to prohibit third-party software such as Adobe Flash from creating apps that circumvent the iPhone SDK. At the center of the controversy is Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.TechCrunch managed to sit down with Daring Fireball scribe John Gruber (via the wonders of Skype), the man who has emerged as a central figure in the “Apple vs. Adobe” debate regarding Section 3.3.1 of the iPhone OS 4.0 developer’s agreement. As you’ll recall, that newly updated section appears to put the kibosh on apps created outside of Apple’s own SDK -- including ones converted from Adobe Flash using new tools featured in the forthcoming Creative Suite 5 announced on Monday.In two video clips posted on TechCrunch (and embedded below for your viewing pleasure here on, Gruber lays out his thoughts on Apple’s SDK agreement as well as Adobe’s fate now that one part of their “Flash to iPhone” plan appears to be a closed door now.“I think that they’re right to disallow platforms, cross-platform, meta-platforms, to be built on top of the native iPhone touch and the App Store.” Gruber says in the first video. “Imagine if Flash was allowed to do this and a year from now let’s say 10 percent of the apps in the app store are going through Flash rather than writing specifically through X-code to the native SDK… all of a sudden 10 percent of the apps in the App Store can’t be updated to the latest version until Adobe updates their developer tools.”On the topic of Adobe’s fate, Gruber closes the first video with the blunt reality: “They’ve pretty much just gotta suck it.”The second video talks more about Apple’s future strategy as well as how the iPad will influence the computer market:
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