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Title: Lenovo Think Pad E555 Compatable?
Post by: TheRealDeal1234 on March 23, 2016, 05:59:25 am
I am new to this but I have been hacking products for years, BIOS level installations ect.. Standard nerd who knows exactly what he's doing with PC's so no worry's that I am a irresponsible teen who will ruin his only PC... I don't know how many you get but I can assume..  ;)
I understand you guys probably get asked a lot but simply due to knowing noting about hackintosh (yet sub level PC construction, hardware and software inside out). I need some advice.
Also I am studying computer science at University so I know my way around a computer... As you probably guessed.

Currently I have two laptops which one I wish to dual boot an OSX version off.
This is simply for testing and I also have helped with jailbreaks.. So I need a Mac to work out a few aspects.

Would anyone be able to suggest anything? Should I use a VM if this is impossible? or can I install OSX?

Tell me what hardware you would need to know other than the basic lenovo e555 AMD A9 set.
I believe this to be the entire breakdown of the system, only thing I have changed is the RAM, added an extra 4GB card totalling at 8GB running at fastest speeds the motherboard could handle.  

(Can't post the link so PM me or email me  at keekscherrington@gmail.com for full taredown/spec list).

I also have a spare dell Inspiron 15r from 2012... Its working but in a mess currently but if I have to use it I will. I just hope I can find a good way to dual boot off my lenovo e555, I can't give up windows on this for OSX but I could on the dell.

So any advice before I hack into it and spend a few days trying out different methods/builds? What do I need to consider, drivers etc.. Can anyone advise a package or tutorial?

Cheers and I hope someone knowledgeable can advise me on this as I haven't done any macintosh work at all..
Thanks for reading! :)

Title: Re: Lenovo Think Pad E555 Compatable?
Post by: TheRealDeal1234 on March 23, 2016, 06:58:12 am
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