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Title: Hello everyone, im new at this so please help
Post by: wisener on February 12, 2008, 01:17:48 am
ok i got my iphone as 1.02 what ever was before 1.1.1 so i upgraded to 1.1.1 and someone pointed me to jailbreak so i did installed it loved it. well i loved it so much i over customized my iphone... lol so i asked a few people at irovr and they told me i can restore and it wont upgrade me so i did and it upgraded me to 1.1.2 so ive been reading about downgrading i wanted to downgrade to 1.1.1. and install installer app like i did before i couldnt use idemoroacy it screwed up my computer i didnt want to have to install 3rd party apps from my computter i wanted it easy like it was before.  someone told me i could just downgrade to 1.1,1 and that would be fine but it didnt work it said it kept reading a iphone in recovery so now i restored it to 1.1.3  so now what can i do please help you can reply here or e-mail me at wisener69@yahoo.com
     thanks your pal,
p.s i heard if i devirginize it by going back to 1.0.2 then to 1.1.1 it works because of the base band but im at 1.1.3 now so pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top HELP i miss it