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Author Topic: Mac: Algoriddim djay Pro  (Read 420 times)
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Mac: Algoriddim djay Pro

               Algoriddim’s djay app has pretty much set the standard for digital DJ’ing, having debuted for the Mac back in 2006 and then of course, it later morphed into impressive iPad and iPhone versions. Now, however, Algoriddim has taken its flagship app to the next level with djay Pro ($50), a landmark update and redesign that brings the Mac version more in-line with the highly popular iOS versions, while aiming to take advantage of the full power available on the latest Mac platforms and build a user interface that is powerful enough for pros, yet accessible enough for the average consumer. The new version, rewritten as a native 64-bit application, provides a 60fps graphics engine and is optimized for the Retina Displays on the MacBook Pros and new iMacs. A $50 price tag is the 40 percent-off launch price for an unestablished amount of time.

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