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Author Topic: Ipod stuck in infinite loop  (Read 7953 times)
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« on: August 18, 2010, 11:34:38 am »

I have an iPod that is stuck in an infinite loop. My problem started out by it being stuck in recovery mode. I used several utilities to try and get it out of recovery mode but none of them worked. The last utility I used was RecBoot and when I clicked on "Exit Recovery Mode" it went into a loop to where it shows the apple logo and then reboots itself infinitely. The only way I can actually turn it off is to unplug it and hold the power and home buttons for about 30 seconds. It will go into DFU mode and iTunes does recognize it, but when it starts the restore process, the cycle of looping back to the apple icon starts all over again. Also, I can get it to show the "connect to iTunes" icon for about 2 seconds as long as I continuously hold down on the home button during the looping process.
Update: I have fixed the infinite loop problem by simply performing a reboot of the PC. However, I am now back to my original problem, which is being stuck in recovery mode. Every time I begin the restore process through iTunes, the restore progress bars appears briefly on the ipod and then it reboots and iTunes responds with an error 9.
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