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Author Topic: Canadian Carrier Claims New iPhone in June  (Read 1732 times)
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Canadian Carrier Claims New iPhone in June

It seems that Canadian mobile phone carrier Saskatel is the latest mobile phone provider to step up to the iPhone rumor podium and shake what their mommas gave 'em. According to the Regina Leader-Post, the company will be offering the "next-generation iPhone" to its customers beginning July 1st, coinciding with the launch of their brand spankin' new HSPA 3G network. For our readers who have been keeping track, this lines up quite nicely with the scuttlebutt we told you about earlier this week. Given that the company already offers an extensive CDMA 3G network, it is interesting that the Regina Leader-Post's coverage of Saskatel's projected iPhone launch doesn't mention the much-ballyhooed introduction of the CDMA iPhone that Verizon is purportedly waiting with cackling glee to sell to frustrated AT&T customers. One would think that being able to leverage both networks, offering different handset/contract price points would be in Saskatel's best interest. What does it all mean?  Not much, to be honest - There is still no hard data on the next generation iPhone in any of its rumored flavors, be it GSM, HSPA or CDMA. Only time and possibly further brave/foolish leaks from "those who have been briefed on the matter" will tell in which direction the next iteration of Apple's smartphone is headed.
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