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Author Topic: Apple Continues To Give The 'Ol 1-2 To Google With iAd  (Read 1136 times)
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Apple Continues To Give The 'Ol 1-2 To Google With iAd

 Apple and Google's throw down only seems to get more and more interesting each day.  Apple is now insisting that iPhone and iPad apps can only share user-interaction data with Apple, which translates into iAd being able to know when users view and interact with embedded ads, according to could mean trouble for rivals such as Google's AdMob.  Their platform, as well as others, won't have access to such data, which could seriously undermine their ads worth.The new policy first caught the attention of Peter Kafka of All Things D.  Apple has already gotten around to rejecting one app, because it used a largely-deployed analytics system, according to Paul Boutin with VentureBeat.  Google's AdMob also reportedly told Boutin that it was concerned about Apple's new rules.  But just the same, ad agency Hill Holiday said that iAd will contain "premium…expensive" ads built on "high-quality creative," after visiting with reps from Apple.  They also said that Apple's iAd is "very impressive in its granularity" and that iAds could gain access to the "compass..accelerometer [and] multitouch" information.How do you feel readers, about Apple's latest jump into the mobile advertising industry?  Is it too much?  Just right?  Doesn't matter?  Feel free to leave comments below!
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