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Best Fitbit

There are many Fitbits, and finding one that's right for you is easy. But the Charge 2 is the best Fitbit for most people.

Fitbit is an interesting company. Like Apple, it keeps a number of its products on the market after the new ones have been announced. In this case, however, Fitbit still sells some of the very first trackers it introduced more than five years ago. And why not? The idea of counting your steps and quantifying your life is still the foremost value proposition of wearing a Fitbit.

Best overall

Fitbit Charge 2

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The Fitbit Charge 2 is the best Fitbit for more people (and the best fitness tracker in general) because it does almost everything well, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Like all Fitbit products, it tracks steps, sleep and, if you want, workouts, but the Charge 2 does it in style. Not only does it improve upon its predecessor with a relatively high-density OLED display, but because it's not a touchscreen, it will operat...

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