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Author Topic: Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger  (Read 255 times)
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Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger

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                  There comes a time in every headphone enthusiast’s life when they find themselves shopping for banana hangers. Expensive fullsize headphones can’t be left on a desk — they need to be protected when not in use. The search usually begins with beautiful galley-quality stands made of exotic woods, from which the enthusiast will inevitably retreat once they see the price. Almost inevitably, the search lands on cheap banana hangers, which do the job pretty well for a fraction of the cost. We don’t judge — we’ve been there too. This week, however, we’re reviewing another option — a $13 headphone hanger from Pangea Audio that can mount to almost any desk or cabinet. It’s cheap, but it does the job.

Source: Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger
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