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Author Topic: Apple Q1 2020: iPhone powers the ecosystem  (Read 186 times)
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Apple Q1 2020: iPhone powers the ecosystem

The iPhone 11 is going to be so boring. So iterative. A real yawner. A letdown. You don't need it. Totally. Completely. Must skip. Facepalm emoji dash thumbnail.

That was not an uncommon narrative last year when iPhone 11 rumors started making the rounds. Hell, even once it was announced.

Now, just four months later, Apple has released its first quarter, 2020 financial results and, well…

OK Doomers.

Apple Q1 2020

Now, you all know how much I don't hate to say I told them so. The misinformers. Not the ones who are just wrong. We're all sometimes wrong. We learn we grow. No. The deliberate ones. The ones who do it on purpose to manipulate markets or just manipulate their audiences.

Because they cause real damage. Not to Apple. Apple is enormous. Apple can ride it. But to the people and audiences who put their trust in them, and then miss out, get screwed over, and lose. Because there's a real-world cost. There's always a real-world cost. Hot takes, they burn.

That's why I've...

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