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Author Topic: Best Buy Gains Apple Business Chat Support  (Read 12 times)
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Best Buy Gains Apple Business Chat Support

Customers can now message Best Buy to get questions answered, store timings, resolve issues, and more using iMessage through Apple's Business Chat feature, as first reported by Apple blog Appleosophy.

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Using iMessage Business Chat, Best Buy customers can now initiate a conversation with the retail chain by either navigating to a Best Buy location on Apple Maps and tapping the "Message" button or through its website and apps.

Apple Business Chat allows customers to message participating businesses right through iMessage on their devices, just as they would text a friend or family member. Apple Business Chat integrates with &zwnj;Apple Maps&zwnj; and Apple Pay, enabling users to purchase and pay for items in chat and begin chats through &zwnj;Apple Maps&zwnj;.<div class="linkback">Tag: Business Chat</div>
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