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Author Topic: Lock Adapter to Secure Mac Studio Coming Soon  (Read 306 times)
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Lock Adapter to Secure Mac Studio Coming Soon

Apple plans to soon sell a third-party lock adapter for the Mac Studio that locks onto the bottom of the computer to physically secure the computer without damaging or modifying it.

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On the bottom of the ‌Mac Studio‌, there is a hole that some have speculated could be for a Kensington lock. Kensington locks, however, are large and are unlikely to fit under the ‌Mac Studio‌. Instead, in a memo seen by MacRumors, Apple has said a "lock adapter" that customers can use to keep their ‌Mac Studio‌ "physically secure without modifying or damaging" will launch soon.

In the memo, Apple did not provide details on pricing or availability. With the previous trashcan Mac Pro, Apple did something similar and released a $49 lock that goes on the side of the computer to prevent it from moving or accessing the internals. As YouTuber MKBHD has pointed out, already, however, there is no way to easy and straightforward way to access the internals of the &zwnj;Mac Studio&zwnj;.<div class="linkback">Related Roundup: Mac Studio</div><div class="linkback">Buyer's Guide: Mac Studio (Buy Now)</div>
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