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Author Topic: Apple is planning to launch a unique Mac Studio accessory to deter theft  (Read 521 times)
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« on: March 22, 2022, 04:05:10 pm »

Apple is planning to launch a unique Mac Studio accessory to deter theft

<div id="link_wrapped_content">
<body><section class="wp-block-bigbite-multi-title"><div class="container"></div></section><p>If you look closely at the underside of the Mac Studio, you&rsquo;ll see more than an embossed name and a few hundred tiny holes. In the upper left corner, there is a small USB-C-sized hole. It&rsquo;s not for Magic Mouse-style charging&mdash;it&rsquo;s for a new locking mechanism that is reportedly coming soon.</p>

<p>If the hole on the underside of Mac Studio looks a lot like the Kensington security slots that Apple once provided on its Macs, it&rsquo;s because it is. While reviewers and early adopters weren&rsquo;t sure that the mystery hole was for a lock due to the odd placement of it, <a href=";url=;xcust=1-1-624758-1-0-0&amp;sref=" rel="nofollow">Macrumors has confirmed[/url] that it is. According to a leaked memo, Apple will soon begin selling a &ldquo;lock adapter&rdquo; that will keep a Mac Studio &ldquo;physically secure without modifying or damaging&rdquo; the machine.</p>

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<p>The Mac Studio is the only current device to feature a security slot, though Apple last included one on the Intel iMacs as well as older laptops. You can buy third-party solutions to lock a Mac Pro, MacBook, or iMac to a desk, but the Mac Studio will represent the only built-in solution. Macrumors isn&rsquo;t clear on the timing or price of the lock</p>

<p>The Mac Studio&rsquo;s slot placement makes using existing lock adapters impossible, so we&rsquo;ll have to wait to see how the cable works. Apple also <a href=";url=;xcust=1-1-624758-1-0-0&amp;sref=" rel="nofollow">sells a $49 lock for the Mac Pro[/url] as well as a <a href=";url=;xcust=1-1-624758-1-0-0&amp;sref=" data-type="URL" data-id="" rel="nofollow">Belkin lock adapter[/url] that mounts to the back of your Mac Pro.</p>

Source: Apple is planning to launch a unique Mac Studio accessory to deter theft
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