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Author Topic: Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard using VMWare?  (Read 32064 times)
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« on: January 27, 2011, 02:38:41 pm »

Hi, i'm new to the forum. Recently i've been trying to run the iOS SDK to have an iPhone
emulator where i can test some Social networking apps that i need to do

In the middle of the process, i realized that i needed to have a Mac OS X Snow Leopard running before being even able to think in the iOS SDK...

... (this represents one DVD that i threw away with a bad ISO right after a 7gb download, some headaches, a Leopard version which wasn't enough for the iOS SDK, etc)

To make this very long story short, my question is this:

Do you think i'll be able to run a Mac OS X Snow Leopard using VMWare on a machine which
has an AMD processor?

thanks in advance

best regards
Fernando Gabrieli
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