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Author Topic: watchOS 10 has arrived, bringing widgets back to the Apple Watch  (Read 145 times)
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watchOS 10 has arrived, bringing widgets back to the Apple Watch

<p>It's a big day for Apple users as the company is rolling out major operating system updates for most of its devices (Mac users need to wait a bit longer). Just ahead of the <a data-i13n="cpos:1;pos:1" href="">Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2[/url] arriving later this week, the company has <a data-i13n="cpos:2;pos:1" href="">released watchOS 10[/url]. If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or above, you can install it now.</p><p>The <a data-i13n="cpos:3;pos:1" href="">biggest change[/url] is the introduction of widgets (which are a bit like Glances from Apple's original wearable) for every watch face, which include two new ones. You'll be able to use the Digital Crown to cycle through your widgets and see access features like timers, stopwatches and podcasts when those are active.&nbsp;</p><span id="end-legacy-contents"></span><p>The World Clock app should make it easier to understand the time of day in different parts of the world at a glimpse thanks to the addition of dynamic background colors. for various timezones. In the Activity app, you'll be able to rotate the crown to see more data via corner shortcuts. There's the option to connect to Bluetook bike sensors to help cyclists track more data too. The Compass, Mindfulness and Medications apps are all getting updates as well.&nbsp;</p><p>Perhaps two of the biggest updates for most people are related to FaceTime. You can view a FaceTime video message on your Watch and join Group FaceTime audio calls.</p><p>The <a data-i13n="cpos:4;pos:1" href="">Apple Watch Series 9[/url] and <a data-i13n="cpos:5;pos:1" href="">Apple Watch Ultra 2[/url] will get some exclusive features powered by the new S9 SiP, including Siri requests that are processed on-device rather than through Apple's servers. They also support a <a data-i13n="cpos:6;pos:1" href="">new Double Tap feature[/url] Apple designed to make it easier to carry out the main action in each app. Both devices will be available on September 22.</p>This article originally appeared on Engadget at

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