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Author Topic: Amazon Black Friday Deal: Elgato's Stream Deck+ is down to its lowest price ever  (Read 134 times)
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Amazon Black Friday Deal: Elgato's Stream Deck+ is down to its lowest price ever

<p>The <a data-i13n="elm:affiliate_link;sellerN:Amazon;elmt:;cpos:1;pos:1" href=";siteId=us-engadget&amp;pageId=1p-autolink&amp;featureId=text-link&amp;merchantName=Amazon&amp;custData=eyJzb3VyY2VOYW1lIjoiV2ViLURlc2t0b3AtVmVyaXpvbiIsImxhbmRpbmdVcmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5hbWF6b24uY29tL2RwL0IwQkpMOFNKNTk_dGFnPWdkZ3QwYy1wLW8tNTBrLTIwIiwiY29udGVudFV1aWQiOiJlOTI2Mzg4OC0xM2I4LTRmNTMtYTBkNy03YTE0ZGY2NDljZGQifQ&amp;signature=AQAAAcq9_N4FxHv0vyvr9KZKkW70OE4GyM0ZGjtSERCjN-wX&amp;" class="rapid-with-clickid" data-original-link="">Elgato Stream Deck+[/url] is down to $170 ahead of <a data-i13n="cpos:2;pos:1" href="">Black Friday[/url] at Amazon and directly from <a data-i13n="cpos:3;pos:1" href="">Elgato[/url]. That's a $30 discount and its lowest price ever — a full $10 cheaper than it was for Prime Day in <a data-i13n="cpos:4;pos:1" href="">July[/url]. Game streamers, podcasters and other creators are likely to find the production console endlessly useful, with its programmable buttons, touch bar and dials for incremental adjustments to app settings.&nbsp;</p>
<p><core-commerce id="6a13a44d9ece469cb1b2c47b85a09ad7" data-type="product-list"></core-commerce></p>
<p>This is the newest streaming controller from Elgato and we recommend its 15-key sibling, the MK.2 in our <a data-i13n="cpos:5;pos:1" href="">guide to game streaming gear[/url]. This one has fewer buttons (8 instead of 15) but it adds in dials and a touch bar that let you make minute adjustments to volume and image levels, light brightness, camera zoom or whatever else you set them to control. The buttons themselves are programmable with icons so you can quickly tell each button apart.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<span id="end-legacy-contents"></span><p>Stream decks are game changers (no pun intended) for live streamers with a single button press controlling actions that usually take a few steps. Program a button to mute your mic, activate canned audio snippets, trigger on-screen effects, switch cameras or set off lighting schemes. The deck is also useful for non-game streamers too, allowing for shortcuts in Photoshop for graphic designers, enabling controls for an audio producer's <a data-i13n="cpos:6;pos:1" href="">DAW[/url] or handling functions in Premiere or other video editing programs.&nbsp;</p>
<p>If you know someone getting into game streaming, this could make a great gift, especially now that it's more affordable than ever.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>Your Black Friday Shopping Guide:</strong> See all of <a data-i13n="cpos:7;pos:1" href="">Yahoo’s Black Friday coverage, here.[/url] Follow Engadget for <a data-i13n="cpos:8;pos:1" href="">Black Friday tech deals[/url]. Learn about <a data-i13n="cpos:9;pos:1" href="">Black Friday trends[/url] on In The Know. Hear from Autoblog’s experts on the best <a data-i13n="cpos:10;pos:1" href="">Black Friday deals for your car, garage, and home[/url], and find <a data-i13n="cpos:11;pos:1" href="">Black Friday sales[/url] to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.</p>This article originally appeared on Engadget at

Source: Amazon Black Friday Deal: Elgato's Stream Deck+ is down to its lowest price ever
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