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Author Topic: A GoPro Hero 12 Black bundle with accessories is $100 off for Black Friday  (Read 20 times)
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A GoPro Hero 12 Black bundle with accessories is $100 off for Black Friday

<p>The GoPro Hero 12 Black action camera <a data-i13n="elm:affiliate_link;sellerN:Amazon;elmt:;cpos:1;pos:1" href=";siteId=us-engadget&amp;pageId=1p-autolink&amp;featureId=text-link&amp;merchantName=Amazon&amp;custData=eyJzb3VyY2VOYW1lIjoiV2ViLURlc2t0b3AtVmVyaXpvbiIsImxhbmRpbmdVcmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5hbWF6b24uY29tL0dvUHJvLUhFUk8xMi1CbGFjay1XYXRlcnByb29mLVN0YWJpbGl6YXRpb24vZHAvQjBDR01MNUdZVC8_dGFnPWdkZ3QwYy1wLW8tNTBtLTIwIiwiY29udGVudFV1aWQiOiIzZWIwY2Q3OS1lYmVkLTRlNWQtOTg3MS1iYjdmYWM5M2JmOTUifQ&amp;signature=AQAAATgg4QPnHwQQkrR-bYw-4HmlwnrJyBnXeEkQ8pFVQLPO&amp;" class="rapid-with-clickid" data-original-link="">is on sale for $100 off[/url] as part of a Black Friday deal. The sale’s available via Amazon, <a data-i13n="elm:affiliate_link;sellerN:Adorama;elmt:;cpos:2;pos:1" href=";siteId=us-engadget&amp;pageId=1p-autolink&amp;featureId=text-link&amp;merchantName=Adorama&amp;custData=eyJzb3VyY2VOYW1lIjoiV2ViLURlc2t0b3AtVmVyaXpvbiIsImxhbmRpbmdVcmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5hZG9yYW1hLmNvbS9ncGhlcm8xMmhiLmh0bWw_IiwiY29udGVudFV1aWQiOiIzZWIwY2Q3OS1lYmVkLTRlNWQtOTg3MS1iYjdmYWM5M2JmOTUifQ&amp;signature=AQAAASwCw5ZRLHHEXuLahDojS0PXk0KsnVTrmAHZzczA8uI7&amp;" class="rapid-with-clickid" data-original-link="">Adorama[/url] and <a data-i13n="elm:affiliate_link;sellerN:GoPro;elmt:;cpos:3;pos:1" href=";siteId=us-engadget&amp;pageId=1p-autolink&amp;featureId=text-link&amp;merchantName=GoPro&amp;custData=eyJzb3VyY2VOYW1lIjoiV2ViLURlc2t0b3AtVmVyaXpvbiIsImxhbmRpbmdVcmwiOiJodHRwczovL2dvcHJvLmNvbS9lbi91cy9zaG9wL2NhbWVyYXMvaGVybzEyLWJsYWNrL0NIREhYLTEyMS1tYXN0ZXIuaHRtbD9vcHRpb24taWQ9Q0hEUkItMTIxLW1hc3RlciIsImNvbnRlbnRVdWlkIjoiM2ViMGNkNzktZWJlZC00ZTVkLTk4NzEtYmI3ZmFjOTNiZjk1In0&amp;signature=AQAAATjSn28yZ_EjUhCHulv8gjf74eJz_QlM_AjZzru9A4-L&amp;" class="rapid-with-clickid" data-original-link="">even the manufacturer itself.[/url] This deal is for an accessories bundle, so you can get a carrying case, a strap, an extra battery, a mount and other add-ons, in addition to the camera. All told, that brings the price down to $350 from $450.</p>
<p>This is the <a data-i13n="cpos:4;pos:1" href="">latest and greatest action camera[/url] by the company. We admired the Hero 12 <a data-i13n="cpos:5;pos:1" href="">in our official review,[/url] calling out the improved battery life when compared to the Hero 11, as it allows for 35 minutes of continuous use per charge. Remember, this deal ships with an extra battery, so that’s 70 minutes, minus 30 seconds of fiddling with the battery compartment.</p>
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<p>We also loved the addition of Bluetooth audio streaming, which even works with devices like Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds. This means you can easily wear earbuds without calling too much attention to yourself while hosting an impromptu vlog or live commentary of some kind. The latency is barely perceptible, if noticeable at all. This functionally also allows you to control the GoPro from afar, thanks to voice commands. Gone are the days of having to chop off those awkward final seconds of footage featuring you clumsily walking to turn the camera off.</p>
<p>The Hero 12 Black boasts a larger image sensor, allowing users to experiment with different aspect ratios using the same footage, in addition to offering an 8:7 mode across every setting. On the downside, this is a modest upgrade of sorts, so many of the remaining metrics remain the same as with the GoPro Hero 11. Your footage will look a bit cleaner, but it won’t be a night and day difference.</p>
<p>Still, this is a good deal for a full-featured action camera that ships with everything you need to not only get started, but thrive. This is a limited-time offer but there’s no set end-date, with the company stating that it “will continue until GoPro terminates the program.”</p>
<p><strong>Your Black Friday Shopping Guide:</strong> See all of <a data-i13n="cpos:6;pos:1" href="">Yahoo’s Black Friday coverage, here.[/url] Follow Engadget for <a data-i13n="cpos:7;pos:1" href="">Black Friday tech deals[/url]. Learn about <a data-i13n="cpos:8;pos:1" href="">Black Friday trends[/url] on In The Know. Hear from Autoblog’s experts on the best <a data-i13n="cpos:9;pos:1" href="">Black Friday deals for your car, garage, and home[/url], and find <a data-i13n="cpos:10;pos:1" href="">Black Friday sales[/url] to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.</p>This article originally appeared on Engadget at

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