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Author Topic: My hackintosh won't boot!  (Read 5750 times)
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« on: January 02, 2011, 02:55:25 am »

Hello! I have a dual boot system running windows 7 and OSX86. The other day my system froze and I did a hard reset. I didn't tell it which side to boot and it auto went into windows so being impatient I turned it off and back on. That messed up the windows boot sector and I had to use a recovery disk to fix the drive. Then it would just boot directly to windows and bypass the screen where I select the OS. So I installed EasyBCD and that let me add the OSX to the boot log. BUt now I'm getting a kernel panic whenever I try to boot OSX. AHHHGG!! I don't really know that much about computers, and I can't get a hold of my friend that built the system. Can anyone help me?!?
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