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Author Topic: Getty flags another British royal family photo for being digitally altered  (Read 26 times)
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Getty flags another British royal family photo for being digitally altered

<p>Getty has <a data-i13n="cpos:1;pos:1" href="">flagged[/url] another photo captured by the Princess of Wales as digitally altered that was released back in 2022, featuring Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. &quot;Getty Images is undertaking a review of handout images and in accordance with its editorial policy is placing an editor's note on images where the source has suggested they could be digitally enhanced,&quot; a spokesperson told <a data-i13n="cpos:2;pos:1" href="">CNN[/url]. This comes on the heels of <a data-i13n="cpos:3;pos:1" href="">a recent controversy[/url], where a photo of Kate Middleton was revealed to be doctored.</p>
<p>The publication found 19 alterations in the photo that most people likely wouldn't notice unless they zoom in very closely and examine every pattern. It found a few misalignments in the subjects' clothing, random floating artifacts, cloned hair strands and heads that looked like they were pasted in from another photo due to the difference in lighting. Kate, or whoever edited the picture, might have simply been looking to create the best version of it possible, but agencies like Getty only allow minimal editing for the photos in their library to avoid spreading misinformation.&nbsp;</p>
<span id="end-legacy-contents"></span><div id="b942c3aaf38f4e3ba23029f70b07156c"><blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Today would have been Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 97th birthday.

This photograph - showing her with some of her grandchildren and great grandchildren - was taken at Balmoral last summer.

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