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Author Topic: The EA Play subscription service is getting more expensive  (Read 46 times)
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The EA Play subscription service is getting more expensive

<p>Electronic Arts <a data-i13n="cpos:1;pos:1" href="https://www.DELETED/ea-play">just raised the price[/url] of its EA Play subscription service. The standard EA Play tier increased from $5 per month to $6 per month, while the annual fee rose to $40 from $30. These updated prices also impact premium EA Play Pro subscriptions, which allows access to the publisher’s games as soon as they launch. This tier now costs $17 per month, an increase from $15, and $120 each year, an increase from $100.&nbsp;</p>
<p>EA confirmed the changes to Engadget via email and noted that the prices are increasing in every country the company does business in. According to a <a data-i13n="cpos:2;pos:1" href="">report by[/url], the new cost structure was decided on to “bring fees in line with market value.” The price increase is live for new members but pre-existing subscribers won't get dinged until May 10.&nbsp;</p>
<span id="end-legacy-contents"></span><p>For the uninitiated, EA Play is a subscription service that gives players access to a select number of games from the company, along with additional incentives like discounts and DLC. It’s available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and PC. The service is in line with Microsoft Game Pass, PlayStation Plus and Ubisoft+, among others. As previously mentioned, EA Play Pro takes things a step further by letting subscribers play newly-released games. It's worth noting that Game Pass Ultimate members still have access to the standard EA Play tier as part of their subscription.</p>
<p>It’s always a bummer when these subscriptions go up in price, and EA is hardly alone here. Sony <a data-i13n="cpos:3;pos:1" href="">raised the price of PS Plus last year[/url] and Microsoft did the same for <a data-i13n="cpos:4;pos:1" href="">Game Pass subscriptions[/url]. Ubisoft+ Premium is likely the closest analog to Play Pro and <a data-i13n="cpos:5;pos:1" href="">it costs $18 per month[/url], which is right in line with EA’s updated pricing model.</p>This article originally appeared on Engadget at

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