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Author Topic: 12.9-Inch iPad Air Now Rumored to Feature Mini-LED Display  (Read 45 times)
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12.9-Inch iPad Air Now Rumored to Feature Mini-LED Display

The rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air that is expected to be announced in May will be equipped with a mini-LED display like the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to Ross Young, CEO of research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants. The existing 10.9-inch iPad Air is equipped with a standard LCD panel, and the move to mini-LED technology for the 12.9-inch model would provide increased brightness for HDR content, deeper blacks, and more.

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Young revealed this information in a post shared on social media platform X today. He said the 12.9-inch iPad Air will be using leftover mini-LED display panels from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and he touted lower power consumption as another benefit.

Given that Apple does not have existing inventory of 10.9-inch mini-LED display panels, it is likely that the smaller iPad Air will remain equipped with an LCD panel.

Meanwhile, the next iPad Pro models are widely expected to transition to OLED displays, which would eliminate backlighting to allow for higher contrast ratio with true blacks, and provide other enhancements compared to LCD and mini-LED technologies. The new iPad Pro models are also expected to be announced in May.

Young has a solid track record with display-related Apple rumors, so this information about the iPad Air is likely accurate.<div class="linkback">Related Roundup: iPad Air </div><div class="linkback">Tag: Ross Young</div><div class="linkback">Buyer's Guide: iPad Air (Don't Buy)</div><div class="linkback">Related Forum: iPad</div>
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