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Author Topic: Nintendo Refers to Apple as the "Enemy of the Future"  (Read 739 times)
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Nintendo Refers to Apple as the "Enemy of the Future"

Some may recall that a while back, Nintendo mentioned that they weren't concerned about Apple stealing their share in the gaming market. It was a statement that the gaming giant could feel comfortable putting out there. After all, the Nintendo DS has sold over 125 million units so far.Flash forward a few months, and Cupertino is Kyoto's new boogey man. Or, considering geography, Godzilla, if you will.According to The Times Online, Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has declared Apple to be the company's "Enemy of the Future." With Nintendo's profits taking a dive for the first time in six years, the company has become concerned that it's hardware offerings, such as the Wii and the DS, are starting to show their age. Without a tech refresh, it's very likely that the popularity of gaming incumbents like the iPad and iPhone will steal some of the love away from the company's aging platforms.Iwata's smack talk could herald the development of new hardware to take on Apple and all other challengers. It could also be nothing more than some off-handed propaganda meant to rally the troops. Only time will tell.
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