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Author Topic: Please help...Iphone 3G  (Read 35600 times)
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« on: November 02, 2008, 12:16:26 pm »

Hi everyone.

It's my first post here...and I really need you help.

This is what happened. I bought an iphone 3g... with one of this "Turbo sim" which unlock the phone (bought from USA).

Everything was working fine. However, I updated the firmware and now... having the 2.1 (official one) the unlocking card does not work.

The guy that sold me the phone said to go back to 2.0 and then update it to custom .ipf (whatever that means).

I'm trying to downgrade it to 2.0.2....but i get constantly an error 1013 in iTunes ( Cool. How can I fix that? By the way...I think I am in DFU mode...cause I have a restore more in iTunes.

At the moment... I can't get out even from the DFU mode..whatever I do...i have the black screen with the iTunes icon and the USB cable...

Please help me... I have really important contact on my phone as a back up and need to use it.

Thanks all in advance
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« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2009, 01:55:50 am »

     Ummm....What I would do is update using a pwanged tool....The only prob is you will lose your contacts.....sry but thats all I know..
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