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Author Topic: Spaniards Get To Share Data Plan For iPhone and iPad!  (Read 767 times)
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Spaniards Get To Share Data Plan For iPhone and iPad!

Whilst the $30 iPad data plan we experience here in the States isn't too shabby, those in Spain seem to have it down, according to Gizmodo.Apparently in Spain, one gets a 3G data plan to share for both your smartphone and your iPad.  All this on one contract.  For example, you might be paying 39 euros for a 3G data plan, and you then get unlimited 3Mbps Internet data access on your smartphone - and for the kicker - you can add your iPad on in the same plan, costing nothing more.  All you do is tell the company and they offer up a free microSIM duplicate of your original SIM.  That's it.Going back, in case you were wondering, 39 euros amounts to about $50.  But that's the top data plan that is offered.  One can also share the 25 euros (or $31) plan for free.  Included with that is unlimited traffic, but it drops the connection speed after 1GB of data is downloaded.  All said, it is still cheaper than the potential $80 for AT&T, if one has the $30 iPhone plan and $30 iPad plan.  Of course that's before taxes.  In Spain, it's $50 with tax figured in, for both units.What's the reasoning?  Economics?  Spain is far behind the U.S.  Their consumer market is also much weaker.  However, the amount of cellphones per capita is much higher than in the US.  This means that Spanish networks are able to support more users than the US is able to, so you would think their networks would be even more crammed than those here in the United States.  What do you think MaclLifers?  Should AT&T (or whatever eventual carrier after AT&T) adopt a similar model?  Leave it be? Feel free to leave comments below!
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